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Disconnect Yourself From Electric Problems

We can help diagnose and fix any electrical problems throughout the home. We can also provide any service upgrades needed to increase the value of a home and provide safety measures if there are any problems found in a home. Disconnect yourself from electric problems by upgrading the electric service in your home. New wiring can protect its safety and value. We do residential and commercial upgrades to ensure safe service and operation every day.

When You Need to Get Connected with Electric Service

The electricians at M&Z General Corp can help provide any new wiring services you or your business may need. We can get you connected with service upgrades, rewiring a new or existing space, or other for electrical repairs. Have enough outlets to charge all of your devices—just ‘Call the to us!’

Call the Al for Professional Telecom Wiring

Whether you have a change in décor or are hiring one or more employees and need to get down to business, ‘Call the M&Z General Corp!’ We can help reposition telephone/data wiring in your home or business to allow for changes in décor or install new telephone/data wiring if you are purchasing a brand new system.

Experts for Security Wiring & Outdoor Lighting

Experts at M&Z General Corp. can service and install customized outdoor electrical systems for added security all around your property. ‘Call the M&Z General Corp’ when you have a backyard or landscape-related projects, such as patios, spotlights, walkways, signage, and other forms of security lighting. We also do water environments like swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas.

Professionals in Specialty Wiring for Water Features

We can help with keeping swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas illuminated and heated as necessary. M&Z General Corp'S electricians are professionals in specialty wiring for outdoor displays and other water features. Enjoy with added safety with a call to M&Z General Corp