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Has your residential or commercial roof has seen better days? If you need a roof repaired or replaced, M&Z General Corp is just a call away. We install or replace a shingle, rubber, or metal roofing. If further damage is found, we can handle it! At M&Z General Corp, all of our technicians are fully trained, licensed, and insured to complete your roof project. Your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee or we do it over for free. We have been providing professional roof replacement

Help With Top Choices: Shingles, Metal & Rubber Roofing

M&Z General Corp provides help with the three top kinds of roofing material: shingle, metal, and rubber. Shingle roofing can be beneficial for its low maintenance cost, its variety of colors, and its durability. Metal roofing has been proven to last over 50 years, is fire resistant and energy efficient. Rubber roofing can be economical and is ecologically safe. Each choice has its benefits, and we can help you choose and then install the type of roofing that will work for you.

Leak-Free with Expert Roofing Repairs

We can help repair most problems that might arise with your home’s roof. If a leak is present or a part of roofing is damaged it could be crucial to fixing right away to keep your family warm and dry.

Change it Up with Roof Replacement

If your roof needs a change, the roofing pros at M&Z General Corp can remove the old roof and install a new one for you. We can help estimate the replacement, outline what needs to be done, help you pick a new style, and install the new roofing. Change it up with roof replacement

Security From Storms with Overhang & Soffit Repair

The overhang (soffit and fascia) of your home provides a secure structure for attic ventilation as well as your gutter system. Many homeowners do not realize a problem exists until a major storm occurs. If there is a problem we can help fix it right to keep the outside of your home protected and looking its best.

Convert from Flat to Shingle Roof with Ease

Convert from Flat to Shingle Roof with Ease. If you are thinking of converting your flat roof to a pitched roof, we can help. A slope of a pitched roof not only looks better but can also last longer, even adding greater curb appeal. The roofing experts at M&Z General Corp can do the conversion and help get your house looking its best.